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Case Bearing Conversion Tool for 2003-UP Big Twins
  • Model: 16-1375

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Product Description: Part Number: 16-1375

Application: FXST 2003-UP FLST 2003-UP FLT 2003-UP FXD 2003-UP

Using the special Jim's precision insert, this tool is designed to easily and accurately convert the left side crank roller bearing to the more durable Timken Bearing. This tool includes one bearing insert held under .002" TIR (total indicator reading), bearing is manufactured from aerospace quality steel that is several times stronger than the aluminum case material that the standard bearing rides in. Also included is a press plate that will hold the bearing insert in line with the case bearing bore as it is being pressed in, all necessary drill bits for oil feed and return holes, and hardware. Tool is a must for the big late model Twin Cam 88" or 96" cubic inch engines! This job can be performed with normal hand tools, a hand drill and a 2 ton press. Requires use of Jim's Swingarm Bearing Puller Tool for race installation. Order Timken bearings and any additional bearing inserts separately.

UOM: 1 - EA

Tech. Notes:
Requires use of #16-0688 Swingarm Bearing Puller Tool for race installation.

Country of Origin: USA

Fitment: FXST 2003-UP FXST-2003 2003 FXST 2003 Softail Standard 2004 FXST 2004 Softail Standard 2005 FXST 2005 Softail Standard 2006 FXST 2006 Softail Standard 2007 FXST 2007 Softail Standard 2008 FXST 2008 Softail Standard 2009 FXST 2009 Softail Standard 2010 FXST 2010 Softail Standard 2011 FXST 2011 Softail Standard 2012 FXST 2012 Softail Standard 2013 FXST 2013 Softail Standard 2014 FXST 2014 Softail Standard 2015 FXST 2015 Softail Standard 2016 FXST 2016 Softail Standard FLST 2003-UP FLST-2003 2003 FLST 2003 Softail 2004 FLST 2004 Softail 2005 FLST 2005 Softail 2006 FLST 2006 Softail 2007 FLST 2007 Softail 2008 FLST 2008 Softail 2009 FLST 2009 Softail 2010 FLST 2010 Softail 2011 FLST 2011 Softail 2012 FLST 2012 Softail 2013 FLST 2013 Softail 2014 FLST 2014 Softail 2015 FLST 2015 Softail 2016 FLST 2016 Softail FLT 2003-UP FLT-2003 2003 FLT 2003 Rubber Mount Dresser 2004 FLT 2004 Rubber Mount Dresser 2005 FLT 2005 Rubber Mount Dresser 2006 FLT 2006 Rubber Mount Dresser 2007 FLT 2007 Rubber Mount Dresser 2008 FLT 2008 Rubber Mount Dresser 2009 FLT 2009 Rubber Mount Dresser 2010 FLT 2010 Rubber Mount Dresser 2011 FLT 2011 Rubber Mount Dresser 2012 FLT 2012 Rubber Mount Dresser 2013 FLT 2013 Rubber Mount Dresser 2014 FLT 2014 Rubber Mount Dresser 2015 FLT 2015 Rubber Mount Dresser 2016 FLT 2016 Rubber Mount Dresser FXD 2003-UP FXD-2003 2003 FXD 2003 Dyna Superglide 2004 FXD 2004 Dyna Superglide 2005 FXD 2005 Dyna Superglide 2006 FXD 2006 Dyna Superglide 2007 FXD 2007 Dyna Superglide 2008 FXD 2008 Dyna Superglide 2009 FXD 2009 Dyna Superglide 2010 FXD 2010 Dyna Superglide 2011 FXD 2011 Dyna Superglide 2012 FXD 2012 Dyna Superglide 2013 FXD 2013 Dyna Superglide 2014 FXD 2014 Dyna Superglide 2015 FXD 2015 Dyna Superglide 2016 FXD 2016 Dyna Superglide

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